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Welcome To Dianes Facebook League

Sorry, the site is currently in testing and is only compatible with Firefox browser (for now). It seems you are using another browser and the site may not look as it should or work correctly.
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Set up competitions against your friends.
Who's the best? Get Ranked amongst your friends.

PoolWorld is a online League for you and your friends. Log the games you play in the Pool hall and get your ranking.

It uses a Points based rating system, if you beat a higher rated player you will gain more points, but you will lose less points if they beat you. Likewise if you play a player rated lower than you you will win less points and risk losing more. Just sign up with the facebook button above (it only works if you have a facebook account) then start logging the pool games you play against your friends. It's free and easy.
This is part of my dissertation and is just a proof of concept more than a finished product. As such it only works properly in firefox at the moment and you may come across the occassional bug. Feedback seems generally positive so I'll continue to develop it once the dissertation is over and get it up to a properly working standard.

If you haven't done it yet, please could you fill out the survey here i've timed it, it only takes 4 minutes. Thanks.
I'd really like to know what people think about this. All comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms or requests are welcome. Use the facebook comment box below or Contact Here.